Friday, 13 April 2012

shop, til i take a drop.

So today, on my quest for some art materials for my textiles course, I had a peek into the vintage shops in the Boscombe/ Pokesdown area of Bournemouth. I really wasn't planning to buy anything... BUT I had a look , and I managed to get my paws on a smoking jacket and another red jacket for £38!

I don't know what makes either jacket are, but I'm really pleased with them. ^^ The red jacket was actually £36, but the old lady couldn't see the price properly without her glasses on, and sold it to me for £26.. Call me dishonest, but why would I have corrected her if it saved me money? 

(Above is the embroidery on the smoking jacket, and the interior of the red jacket. LUSH)

The smoking jacket was £12. TWELVE POUNDS. JHEEZE. It's beautiful. I will actually wear it out and about. It's divine. I need to get it cleaned though, the inside is not the prettiest. Apparently the jacket is from the 60's. Well that was what the lady in the shop said.

I'm actually really happy. I usually don't buy on impulse, but YOLO!

Ash x

Sunday, 8 April 2012

run bunny, run!

So the past two weeks have been my Easter holiday. I'm sorry I haven't posted! Been feeling mad depressed. Le sigh. Anyway, in the second week I came down to London. Had a really good trip. I had to travel to North London to collect some golden hair extensions for a uni project (we're doing Rapunzel) and I managed to spend under a fiver! And I got LOADS!

Also ventured into Shepherd's Bush Market and got some fabric scraps. I want to make some bow ties and test out my sewing skills before I being to push YardofWynter (my upcoming fashion brand). And I got two new hats.

(The fabric! The guy in the shop tried to make me give him £6 for this bag of scraps... IS HE A NUTTER?! Got it for a fiver. Lots of nice shiny fabric and that massive blue piece is satin... and it's folded over! YEH BOI!)

I managed to meet up with my friend Jasmine who I haven't seen in forever! Since coming to uni I've drifted slightly from my friends in London so it was good to catch up. We hit Nando's. I didn't eat chicken. I know, I know. But chicken is boring these days haha.

So on Easter Saturday I hosted a picnic! It didn't go as well as planned (some people didn't turn up, and it was cold) but it didn't fail on me completely. My Oreo & Vanilla cheesecake went down a storm! It was mad, we were at the park, then moved onto KFC, and then back to the park.... then to Chinatown... then around.... We had fun! ^^

( I know the alignment is effed, blogspot pisses me off sometimes! )


And finally... my cheesecake! Well, what's left of it ha!

Had such a great trip home!

Ash x